“Deb is an exceptional thinker with an exceptional design sense. She looks at projects creatively, holistically, and thoroughly (both on a conceptual level and on a detail level)—skill sets not often found in the same talent/individual. The way Deb thinks about things is simultaneously informed, meaningful and playful; her creative solutions always work on a solid functional level, but have something extra. She is professional without being humorless. And I like her!” —Katherine, client

“Deb has clear boundaries and presents contracts that outline what she will do. She is open to suggestion and criticism but will hold the line when she believes that something is important from a design or messaging point-of-view. We have always been impressed with how deeply she understood what we thought of ourselves and how we wanted to be portrayed, and by her research into our industry and how that knowledge informs her design. She is respectful of her client’s budget. She has marvelous creativity. And she is fun to work with…that’s important!” —Leftheris and Jane, client

“I think Deb has a truly creative mind–she has a great detector for the contrived or cliche, so what clients get is fresh and original and at a level far above the conventional. I appreciate that she’s not afraid to question assumptions. Her mind cuts through the clutter.” —Laura, editor

“I like the way Deb strategizes and sees the big picture. I think that gives her design work substance and staying power with an audience. Deb is an enjoyable person to work with—she is good at communicating and she works with integrity. I value her as a great collaborator, someone who brings clarity to a project, great design skill, flexibility, and a sense of fun!” —Amy, designer

“Deb was able to listen deeply to my description of my service and what I was looking to communicate and then came up with the words and art to convey my message clearly, simply, effectively and enjoyably. Deb has a way of seeing, hearing and feeling information, absorbing it on multiple levels and then offering it back as wholesome nourishment. She helps make sense of things, adding new perspectives and dimensions of understanding.” —Pamela, client

“Deb Miner has a remarkable talent for design and detail, she is one-of-a-kind. As a ‘not your average designer’ she leaves no rock unturned. Results are always fresh, smart and on time!” —Linda, client

“Deb provides very well thought out and appropriate design solutions, rather than a certain ‘style’ that one often gets from designers. I also appreciate her attention to the details since the details are what usually makes it or breaks it in my world.” —Jim, project and production coordinator