Vernon County, Wisconsin

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From farm to school to all.

PROJECT PARTNER: Whereabouts Marketing

Schools are developing amazing Farm to School programs. In many cases, though, opportunities are being missed. Food education can become more memorable and meaningful when rich visual learning and awareness components are included. Our highly visual education and outreach campaign brings farm to school to all.

Farm to School programs bring local, farm-grown foods to school lunchrooms. Benefits include better nutrition, awareness (understanding what I'm eating and where it comes from), and support for local farmers. Our strategic solutions recognize that kids and adults have become visually sophisticated—and that school is just one opportunity for food education. Eating habits are being established at home and in the larger community, too. Here's how we expanded the reach, influence, and support for Farm to School in Vernon County, WI:

CORE ELEMENTS: Program logo, a mascot named Munch, and a Harvest of the Month icon provide the program identity with a playful attitude.

AT SCHOOL: 9 giant Harvest of the Month educational posters (over 5 feet tall) feature the current harvest item being served and sampled in the cafeteria.

AT HOME: Harvest handouts include info from each of the posters, plus food-related play and a recipe.

AT THE GROCER: Harvest of the Month signage designates the current item, and free recipe cards featuring that item make it easy for shoppers to include.

IN THE MEDIA: A presence in newspapers and on the radio help keep everyone informed and aware. A full-page ad introduces the program, then small space ads appear each month to promote the current harvest item.

ON THE INTERNET: The website is the central location where everyone can go anytime for up-to-date info about the Farm to School program, the current Harvest item, participating schools, news, and fundraising information.

FOR SUPPORT: A fundraising brochure encourages support, and includes a handy refrigerator magnet.

FOR STAFF: Business cards and letterhead help keep the communication going in a recognizable, consistent way.

Creative strategy, brand development, concepts, design, co-writing.