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Show and tell to compel.

Deb loves simplifying complex information in ways that engage and create understanding. The manuscripts for this series of six Creepy Crawly World books contained a lot of information—balancing flow, variety, and clarity was crucial.

Instead of having the illustrator create large nature scenes, Deb asked him to do spot illustrations that she could combine with simple, flat color elements. After visualizing each scene and planning typography and placement, Deb provided detailed sketches to the illustrator. This process resulted in a book that was inviting, engaging, and effective, because it allows the reader to focus, follow the story, and absorb the abundant information. Realistic images combined with simplified settings also create a unique appeal that is both playful and informative.

Creative strategy, art direction, and design for:
• Series identity
• 6 books (format, covers, interiors), 32pp each

Author: Ting Morris
Illustrator: Desiderio Sanzi