Engaging hearts and minds—in print and online.

Creativethatconnects is about connecting on multiple levels. It’s about simplifying the complex. And it’s about understanding context, human nature, and how things work.

Deb Miner, creative director, provides the big picture thinking needed to create solutions that are functional, delightful, and engaging—in print and online. Think of her for branding, communications, campaigns, storytelling, packaging, products.

Deb has a unique combination of ad agency, design firm, publishing/editorial, and retail experience, which means she understands multiple communication channels and brings fresh perspectives to each.

As creative director, Deb’s skills include ideation, strategy, art direction, curating, writing, and design. She works both independently and collaboratively, and she knows how to select, build, and manage appropriate teams as needed.

Good strategy matters, and it starts with understanding. Whether you have an existing strategy, or you need help defining it, it’s a good idea to bring Deb into the process early. She’ll listen, ask questions, and can help you see possibilities you may not have considered.

Contact Deb

  • When you want to develop a new brand, or extend an existing one
  • When you’re developing a new product or have a story to tell
  • If you’re a marketing professional, CD, or art buyer looking for an effective creative partner
  • If you have an internal team that’s great at implementing solutions, but you need appropriate ideas and creative vision for them to work with
  • When you want creative solutions that connect